Regrets We All Have

Whatever I did was wrong and there is nothing I can do to reverse my loss. Perhaps telling you my story might give me tranquility and peace. It was the most awaited day of the week for me and my sister, Alice. We desperately longed for Saturday to arrive so that we could go for shopping. We both were avid shoppers and could give our right arm to go buy clothes. It was the oscar worthy achievement to get out of the house because my nemesis father would impose a curfew on us for the rest of the week. That day was also special as me and Alice were out of the prison, but little did we know an impending doom was waiting for us.

The excruciating sun was at its peak glaring a hostile glance at us. We rushed inside the magnanimous mall and took a sigh of relief. Unlike outside, the ambiance in the mall was soothing and cool. We were drenched in sweat as we had walked all the way from home to mall, but soon the air conditioner evaporated our sweat. Our eyes twinkled with happiness as we caught the sight of innumerable shops glowing in a mesmerising manner. The mall was buzzing with activities and cacophonic noises fell on our ears. Looking at such great shops compelled us to motion our feats towards them , but the handful amount of money that we had from our saving held us back. Our eyes were now hunting for only one thing: SALE. Soon my gaze fell on a might store with innumerable posters of sale hanging around it. Me and Alice stormed towards the shop and crazily scrutinised the clothes. It felt like we were in a fairytale of our own kind. We kept trying on clothes and a radiant curve of delight appeared on our faces as we saw our reflection in the mirror. Time passed away hastily and we didn’t even realize it was time to go home. My phone chimed and I took it out of my purse. “Come back home, your father will be back in no time,” a message from my mother popped up on the screen. I asked Alice to hurry up. It was the worst part of all when we had to go back home. Just when we were moving out of the shop, deafening bang fell on my ears. In a whisker, a chaos spread all around us. My heart started to thump so vehemently that I felt it would break my ribcage and come out of it. Sounds around me started to fade away in a murmur and the last thing I remember was letting Alice’s hand go away from my boney one. I could see Alice, but didn’t have much consciousness to hear what she was saying. A crowd of people started to push each other and ran towards the exit madly. I started running with the crowd, but once when I looked at my back I noticed Alice laying on the tile floor, being kicked away by people. we were almost at the exit, but soon another ceiling of the mall threatened to fall on our heads smashing them to pieces. I badly wanted to go back and pull Alice away from all this, but my coward self put a shuddering halt on me and I rushed out of the exit saving my selfish little head out of this mayhem. Soon another deafening bang fell on my ears and that was the end of all.That was the time when my cowardice snatched away my sister, my soulmate; for which I can never forgive myself even today…

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